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5 steps to developing an osteopathy care and pain management plan

Osteolife | July 29, 2020 | Education

Developing an Osteopathy Management Plan

Pain can be an unpleasant physical sensation present in the background while you’re trying to get through your day-to-day tasks, or a debilitating sensation that completely takes over your life.

This guide covers the 5-steps method we use at OsteoLife to help our clients manage their pain and stay on track with their overall well-being.



Understanding the basic types of pain 

Pain can manifest itself in many different ways – and it isn’t always easy to detect the cause. Before diving into the 5-step methodology, it’s important to understand the three main types of pain:


  • Acute pain:

    A sudden, intense pain that is often brought by a specific activity or condition. Examples include twisting an ankle while playing sport or getting a kink in your neck after brushing your teeth.

  • Muscle or skeletal pain:

    Ongoing stress or a traumatic event can cause you to hold pent-up tension in your muscles. At some point, it becomes too overwhelming for your body and the tension turns into pain.

  • Chronic pain:

    Old injuries or current medical conditions can cause chronic pain that persists for weeks, months or years. These pains can be tough to manage and may interfere with your daily activities.


 OsteoLife’s 5-steps methodology

Your osteopathic treatment may vary slightly depending on whether you’re feeling acute, muscle/skeletal, or chronic pain – but the good news is that gentle, non-invasive osteopathic therapy may help.


  • STEP 1 – Medical and personal history

The first step to developing any sort of treatment plan is getting familiar with your personal and medical history. Numerous factors can affect your health and overall well-being – your daily habits, diet, level of activity and family history are just a few examples of things that can impact your health.

You will be asked questions about your medical and life history to understand the type of pain you have and why you are experiencing it.

It’s essential to be open and honest during this phase. The information we gather helps to create a plan that’s tailored for your needs, and will not be shared with anyone else.


  • STEP 2 – Assessment 

Once we have a clear picture of your medical history, the assessment is important to identify the area of pain and the body’s compensation for that pain, especially for chronic or recurring conditions. A full-body physical assessment will help us to understand the osteopathic treatment and management plan that will follow.


  • STEP 3 – Treatment 

When we understand what may have caused your pain, the treatment is then performed using gentle hands and osteopathy techniques that consist of cranial, biodynamic and visceral osteopathy to assist the body in releasing muscle tension, increasing the range of motion and increasing the body’s flexibility to promote health and well-being.

After the treatment, you may feel some soreness up to two days as your body is adjusting.  We recommend you ask any questions you have throughout the course of the treatment.


  • STEP 4 – Management plan 

Since osteopathy is an holistic, full-body approach, the management plan is tailored to your needs, which may include exercises, stretches and lifestyle advice for optimal recovery.

Often, our client’s pain, tension, stress and anxiety are work-related. And it is important to address any issues with posture or work overload.


  • STEP 5 – Feedback and follow up

As we work closely together to monitor your progress, your management plan is personalised to fit your needs and can be reviewed at any time.

At OsteoLife, we value your feedback and it is gathered throughout the sessions to ensure we are on the right track.

You may need some follow up to adjust the plan and/or more treatments if required.



 Experience the OsteoLife difference

Our clients come from all walks of life. Every challenge is unique, but there’s nothing as rewarding as seeing our clients improve through osteopathic treatment.

Do you need to improve your health?  Contact OsteoLife today and we will answer any questions you have.

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