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About Us

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Hi, my name is Dr. Valerie Johnston-Dugamin. I established OsteoLife in 2014 to offer a greater personalised osteopathic service to all my patients.
The OsteoLife Approach:
  • Listening to what you have to say about your condition;
  • Uncovering the underlying cause of your health problem;
  • Removing the symptoms to alleviate your pain;
  • Offering you ways to participate in your recovery; and
  • Suggesting a care plan to help you return to your daily activities.
We also focus on:
  • Reinforcing the importance of self-management in association with your treatment plan;
  • Providing advice on the appropriate and regular exercises that are tailored for you; and
  • Stressing on the importance of a balanced diet and strong body awareness.

About Me

I have been working in Sydney as an osteopath for the past seven years, always maintaining a very strong empathy for my patients. My practice is focused on helping my clients get better and healthier. I am very passionate about osteopathy. I use a holistic approach to treatment, as I understand that your health can be affected by physical, emotional, and/or environmental factors (e.g., work, injury, or personal circumstances). For this reason, I constantly strive to improve my knowledge in anatomy and physiology, as I understand the inter-connected relationship between the body’s structure and function. In 2004, I pursued my passion for osteopathy by undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in osteopathic studies at the Western Sydney University (WSU). I graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy in 2009. Since my graduation, I have continued to expand my knowledge about osteopathy by regularly attending postgraduate study programs.

Professional Osteopathic Credentials

  • Masters of Osteopathy (2009)
  • Graduated at the Western Sydney University (2009)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (2007)
  • Registered Practitioner: Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • Member: Osteopathy Australia
  • Member: NSW Business Chamber of Commerce

Postgraduate Studies

  • Certificate of Tension & Trauma Release Exercises – TRE
  • Certificates for Business Marketing Courses (Oct – Dec 2016, University of Sydney)
  • Biodynamic Osteopathy Phase 6 (2019 – New Zealand)
  • A Sequential Approach to the Osteopathic Treatment of Children (Nov 2016 – USA)
  • Explain pain (Canberra, April 2018)
  • Pediatric in Osteopathy (Nov 2015 – France)
  • Pain Management Multidisciplinary workshop (University of Sydney, Feb 2018)
  • Neuromeningeal Manipulation NM1 (Aug 2014 – Barral Institute, Melbourne)
  • Advanced Osteopathic Pediatrics Courses (Jan 2017 – USA)
  • Biodynamic Osteopathy Level 1-5 (2010–2013 – New Zealand)
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Why Choose Us?
  • Registered Practitioner AHPRA
  • Member of Osteopathy Australia
  • Qualified Osteopath
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    Understanding the Cause of Your Pain

    OsteoLife offers the highest quality of Osteopathic treatment and care. Understanding the cause of your pain is essential to providing you with the most appropriate treatment plan.

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    Getting You Back to Normal

    We know it is all about getting you back to your normal activities. We therefore help you to put together and follow a management plan that is suitable for your recovery.

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    Improving the Quality of Your Life

    Our goal is to understand the cause of your pain so that we can help prevent any further recurrence and improve your quality of your life so you could return to your daily activities.

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