Driver Seat Club Podcast Tip 6: Communication With Family During Challenging Times.

Osteolife | March 9, 2021 |

Communication In Challenging Times


In this week’s episode, we have Cecilia who shares her recent stepping up into a guardian role for her aging parents and managing her sibling’s expectations during travel-restricted Covid times. All this while she was coping with her own family duties and a full time job. #drvaleriejd #podcast #podcastaustralia #osteolife


Driver Seat Club Podcast Tip 5: Finding Your Own Voice.

Osteolife | March 2, 2021 |

Finding Your Own Voice


For this week’s episode, our guest speaker Tanya, a voice coach for Opera Australia, shares insights and tips to turn your life around and move back into your driver seat.

As a young and inexperienced person, she had to provide professional criticism to older opera singers, who constantly intimidated her. Tanya became so afraid of speaking up, she lost her confidence, voice and eventually her identity.

Find out how she regain confidence and found her own voice again.


Driver Seat Club Podcast Tip 4: Slow Down and Reassess Your Life.

Osteolife | February 24, 2021 |

Slow Down And Reassess Your Life


Getting into the driver seat is not easy. As women, we have a tendency to step back and let everyone else drive our own lives. It is important to reassess our lives and ask if we are satisfied with everything that is happening. It is about taking actions without any procrastination.

On today’s episode, I share my journey of how rediscovering my voice with a vocal coach gave me further confidence to create this podcast to inspire, motivate and empower women.

Driver Seat Club Podcast Tip 3: The meaning of success in Covid-19 times.

Osteolife | February 8, 2021 |

Driver Seat Club Podcast Tip 3: The meaning of success in Covid-19 times.


On today’s show, we have guest Katherine, an Australian Soprano and a recent graduate of Sydney Conservatorium of Music, offering some perspective on what success means during covid times.


Driver Seat Club Podcast Tip 2: How not to get triggered?

Osteolife | February 1, 2021 |

Post 2


For this week’s episode, we invited guest Casandra, a project manager from Argentina to discuss how not to get triggered by people or events; reacting to things or acting against each other especially the closest ones.

1. When you find yourself getting worked up; take deep breathes. It slows the adrenaline and calms the body.
2. Remind yourself not to fix it, feel it.
3. Aboriginal term: Dadirri. It means deep listening, trying to listen what people are really saying or not saying, and also understanding how you react to things that matters.
4. In a fight or argument, remind yourself of little happy moments that you had with the person you are arguing with. It acts as a circuit breaker. Watch what’s happening, de-escalate and not react.


Driver Seat Club Podcast Tip 1: Take the Driver Seat, regain control of your life today.

Osteolife | January 25, 2021 |

Driver Seat Club Podcast Tip 1


On today’s inaugural show, I share my personal journey as a wife, daughter, friend and businesswoman, exhausted from all these undertakings and ultimately taking over the driver seat to regain control and steer my life in the right direction.