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My name is Dr. Valerie Johnston-Dugamin. I established OsteoLife in 2014 to offer a greater personalised osteopathic service to all my patients.


The OsteoLife Approach:

  • Listening to what you have to say about your condition;
  • Uncovering the underlying cause of your health problem;
  • Removing the symptoms to alleviate your pain;
  • Offering you ways to participate in your recovery; and
  • Suggesting a care plan to help you return to your daily activities.


We also focus on:

  • Reinforcing the importance of self-management in association with your treatment plan;
  • Providing advice on the appropriate and regular exercises that are tailored for you; and
  • Stressing on the importance of a balanced diet and strong body awareness.


About Me

I have been working in Sydney as an osteopath for the past seven years, always maintaining a very strong empathy for my patients. My practice is focused on helping my clients get better and healthier.

I am very passionate about osteopathy. I use a holistic approach to treatment, as I understand that your health can be affected by physical, emotional, and/or environmental factors (e.g., work, injury, or personal circumstances). For this reason, I constantly strive to improve my knowledge in anatomy and physiology, as I understand the inter-connected relationship between the body’s structure and function.

In 2004, I pursued my passion for osteopathy by undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in osteopathic studies at the Western Sydney University (WSU). I graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy in 2009. Since my graduation, I have continued to expand my knowledge about osteopathy by regularly attending postgraduate study programs.


Professional Osteopathic Credentials

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (2007)
  • Masters of Osteopathy (2009)
  • Graduated at the Western Sydney University (2009)
  • Registered Practitioner: Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • Member: Osteopathy Australia
  • Member: NSW Business Chamber of Commerce


Postgraduate Studies

  • Advanced Osteopathic Pediatrics Courses (Jan 2017 – USA)
  • A Sequential Approach to the Osteopathic Treatment of Children (Nov 2016 – USA)
  • Certificates for Business Marketing Courses (Oct – Dec 2016, University of Sydney)
  • Pediatric in Osteopathy (Nov 2015 – France)
  • Neuromeningeal Manipulation NM1 (Aug 2014 – Barral Institute, Melbourne)
  • Biodynamic Osteopathy Level 1-5 (2010–2013 – New Zealand)


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