Primary School Workshop: Posture

Better Posture for Better Life!

My name is Valerie and I have been an Osteopath since 2009. Recently I have noticed an increasing number of students complaining of back and neck pain. This may be the result of increased postural strain caused by carrying heavy school bags and/or poor posture whilst completing homework at desk or on a laptop.

At OsteoLife we believe that early education is key to helping adolescents improve their posture and a key requirement for the prevention of future postural strains.

Therefore we have created the ‘Students Workshop’ package, which focuses on improving posture and preparing students for the demands of high school studies and, ultimately, entering the workforce with good posture and improved health.


Age group:

Primary School Students Years 4 – 6

Private and public schools Sydney / Eastern suburbs / North Shore


Benefit for Student:

Better knowledge on how to improve their posture when carrying their school bags, doing homework on desk and/or laptop, students will:

  • Understand why posture is important
  • Realise the health issues associated with poor posture
  • Learn how to better sit, stand and walk with minimum stress on their body
  • Appreciate the consequences of slumping and how to prevent it
  • Learn simple posture tips

Workshop options

Option A:

  • For 2 year groups
  • 1 hour duration (30mins per group)

Maximum of 70 students per group

Option B:

  • For 3 year groups
  • 1.5 hours duration (30mins per group)

Maximum of 70 students per group


OsteoLife comes to your school in the comfort of your students’ classroom


Do you want your students to improve their posture? 

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Sample of Presentation

What is Posture?

What is Posture?

Why Posture is Important?

Why Posture is Important?

What can Affect Posture?

What can Affect your  Posture?

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