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Osteopathy helps Runners

At OsteoLife, we provide personalised osteopathic treatment and care to individuals of all ages – babies, children, expectant mothers, and anyone else who is suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. Our patients come from the surrounding area of Elisabeth Bay, Double Bay, Point Piper, Darlinghurst, Rushcutters Bay to name a few.

We take the time to understand the cause of your pain, as this is essential to providing you with the most appropriate treatment plan. Your management plan may include stretching, strengthening exercises, improved diet, and ways to improve your posture at work and at home.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a hands-on manipulative style of mainstream medicine used to treat the body’s muscular-skeletal systems.

Osteopathic treatment is generally considered safe but, occasionally, it may cause adverse reactions in some people. The full benefits of osteopathic manipulation may not be felt by patients for up to 48 hours after treatment depending on the type of muscular-skeletal condition presented (acute or chronic).

At OsteoLife, we can help you by:

  • Alleviating the causes of your pain
  • Improving your range of motion
  • Releasing muscular tension
  • Improving circulation
  • Removing congestion by improving venous and lymphatic drainage

We help you to achieve a greater level of well-being and health by focusing on the prevention of injury and the restoration and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The OsteoLife Approach

We use gentle hands-on manipulation techniques tailored to your individual condition and needs for the treatment of musculoskeletal issues. This helps to decrease muscle tension and improves your range of motion to increase circulation to the tissues, which ultimately leads to a better recovery.

We also provide advice on appropriate exercises and posture that is tailored to your needs to assist you towards a better and/or faster recovery, so you can feel confident to gradually return to your normal activities.

Techniques used at OsteoLife

  • Cranial Osteopathy: A gentle and soft form of Osteopathic treatment, which gently promotes the release of stresses and tensions throughout the entire body. Cranial Osteopathy can be used for a wide range of conditions and ailments, across every part of the body. It can be used as treatment for adults, children, and infants alike.
  • Structural Osteopathy: This technique primarily focuses on restoring a patient’s normal range of movement and can be applied to the whole muscular-skeletal system. Structural Osteopathy is particularly useful when working on specific joint manipulation and muscle energy.
  • Visceral Osteopathy: Help reduce tension in and around the body’s major internal organs (such as the abdomen, pelvis, and chest regions). This technique improves organ function and general health performance.

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