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Tension Headaches Sydney


For compassionate and comprehensive treatment options for tension headaches, Sydney residents can visit OsteoLife.

Founded and operated by Dr. Valerie Johnston-Dugamin, OsteoLife is a local clinic which provides patients with tailored treatment plans that aim to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Tension headaches can be caused by a number of factors, such as a poor sitting posture at work, bright lights and loud, aggressive noises or even stress and anxiety. These common and frustrating headaches affect people in different ways, but can be quite uncomfortable or debilitating for many individuals.

Osteopathy has helped many patients find relief from their tension headaches, using the core principles of the practice to support and promote the body’s own self-healing abilities, with a focus on treating the patient holistically.

For more information on OsetoLife’s available treatment plans for tension headaches, Potts Point locals, and residents across Sydney’s many suburbs can call today.

Do you have some of these symptoms?
  • Dull and persistent pain that may vary in intensity (mild to moderate), usually felt on both sides of the head or neck
  • Tight, heavy or pressing sensation on or around the head that may be constant
  • Tenderness and tension of scalp, neck and shoulder muscles
  • Reduced neck movements (active or passive) due to muscles tightness
  • Ache in the back or over the left side of the chest
  • Recurrent, periodic pain that can be present for minutes, hours, days or weeks
  • Mild sensitivity to light and noise (may occur in severe attacks)
  • Trouble concentrating and difficulty sleeping
  • Depression and anxiety (common).

Usually tension type headache can have a throbbing quality, comes on gradually, constant and is variable in duration but less severe than migraine

What can trigger your headache?

Stress in your life is not necessarily the direct cause of your TTH. Some other contributing factors may be:

  • Poor posture at work, home and when driving
  • Teeth clinching that may tightness the jaw muscles
  • Fatigue, emotional upsets, depression.
  • Exposure to much bright lights, prolonged reading, loud noise
  • Medication overuse

Tension Headache Treatment: What to Expect

Since 2014, OsteoLife has been treating clients suffering from tension headaches across Sydney, offering care plans that are carefully adjusted to suit the needs of each patient.

Dr. Johnston-Dugamin will provide a holistic and personalised treatment that can provide relief from your tension headaches. She will work closely with you, determining which emotional, physical or environmental factors may be contributing to the cause or severity of your headaches.

With a carefully constructed care plan for tension release, Sydney patients, and those across the local area, will benefit from non-invasive and hands-on treatments that are designed to provide long-term benefits..

You may also be provided with suggestions for simple lifestyle changes that may help to reduce the frequency and/or severity of tension headaches in the future.

To learn more about our available treatments for tension headaches, call our Potts Point clinic today on 0407 966 001, or feel free to book an initial consultation online.

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