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Trauma Release Sydney

Trauma Release

Trauma describes a response that an individual may have to a distressing event or circumstance, and often causes acute feelings of stress, anxiety, panic and an inability to cope with practices or actions that were otherwise second nature to them.

For treatments in trauma release, Sydney residents, and those from the surrounding suburbs, can contact OsteoLife. Founder Dr. Valerie Johnston-Dugamin works with each patient to understand the causes and symptoms of their trauma, before suggesting a course of treatment that is tailored to the specific condition of each patient.

What to Expect

Each course of treatment at OsteoLife begins with a consultation, allowing Dr. Johnston-Dugamin to gain a detailed insight into the nature and potential causes of each patient’s trauma. Through these relaxed yet comprehensive consultations, patients will provide information that will be used to better inform any future osteopathic treatments that Dr. Johnston-Dugamin may deem necessary.

The treatments themselves are gentle and non-invasive, and work on the musculoskeletal system of the patient, with the aim of locating and resolving any physical traits that may be contributing to the patient’s trauma, or be a symptom of it.

Stress Relief

Trauma Release Advantages

Osteopathy may help patients to better understand, recognise and manage their trauma and its effects on their mental and physical health. By promoting the body’s natural ability to recover and heal, osteopathy may allow the patient to build sustainable methods and strategies for dealing with trauma that are suitable for their circumstances, while also offering improvement to their overall health and wellbeing.

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