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Following regular routine to improve wellbeing at work is not always easy. We’ve all asked ourselves at various times – how can I rid my life of stress? The short answer is that we can’t.

Stress stalks us at every turn these days, whether it is worrying about our jobs, our children, elderly parents, problem relationships, making ends meet and even the state of the world right now as the Covid-19 pandemic upends all our lives. But the good news is that we CAN manage stress, learn ways to deal with it and use osteopathy to get treatment for stress-related symptoms.

Relieve stress

Here at OsteoLife I deal with these symptoms all the time. They include body tension, neck tension, muscle tightness, tightness around the jaw and headaches to name a few. And I can work with you to get on top of these symptoms and relieve some of the pressure.

There is no “magic bullet” to deal immediately with everything at once. There very rarely is for any condition. But this treatment – coupled with changes to attitude and lifestyle – can do a great deal to restore your sense of balance and wellbeing. Working together, we will tackle the physical challenges that have so much bearing on everyone’s mental state. The aim is to relieve pain and raise your energy levels and sense of optimism.

First step

We discuss what is causing the problem in the first place – to find the cause of the stress you are experiencing. It isn’t any reason for embarrassment. It can be problems at work or with your boss, problems with your partner or other relationships or just life generally getting the better of you. As we get older, far from some of these problems getting easier to resolve, they get harder. But there are things I can do – we can do – to get to the root cause and start a program of treatment.

It is always highly personalised. I don’t employ one fix-it for all. And above all, the treatment is holistic, taking into account the impact of what is causing your stress on particular parts of your body and alleviating the pressure.

Hands on therapy 

I use gentle osteopathy techniques in any treatment I administer. I will educate you about what you can do at home through exercise or other means to maximise your own role in the healing process. In short, I will give you the tools you need for your journey towards reducing unwanted stress and getting on top of life again. It is all about teamwork – you and I working together. And if we can do that successfully, we are well on the way to addressing the long-term impact of stress on your life.

This can include body aches, tightness, anxiety, digestive problems, sleep problems, weight gain, memory and concentration impairment and reduced performance and productivity. Or just lacking a general sense of contentment and wellbeing.

In the meantime

Here’s my tips improve wellbeing at work to help managing stress:

  1. Take regular breaks and use your phone alarm, if necessary, to remind you to get up and take a walk
  2. Stand up at your desk or workstation and stretch.
  3. Keep up your fluid levels during the day by always having a water bottle nearby
  4. And always have lunch away from the office to put a healthy punctuation mark in your workday.

Of course, lots of people have been working from home recently but the same advice applies. Don’t be desk bound for hours. Keep active. Keep moving.

The experience 

When people first come to me for assistance in managing their stress and wellbeing at work , the pain is often written all over their faces and I can certainly feel it when I place my hands on their bodies. But I get a huge kick as we work through the healing process and I can actually see the transformation in their bodies and their attitudes to life.

Of course, they benefit most of all. But to see the smile back on their faces is what really makes my own job worthwhile.

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